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Jose Fuerte, founder and owner of Hosales Inc. has been active in supplying the electronic industry with printed circuit boards, printed circuit board designs, assemblies and related products or services since 1965.

In those days printed circuit boards were much larger and less complicated, quality was marginal, prices were very high and competitors were few and far between.

Today the story is just the opposite. Printed circuits boards have gotten smaller and more complicated, a less than perfect board is no longer acceptable, prices are low and keep falling and we now compete with manufacturers from around the world for work from customers in our own backyard.This is not just a case for printed circuit boards but for all manufacturing.

“At HoSales we know and understand that in order to compete in the global economy we must be prepared to offer better service, better quality and better delivery"

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• Always provide top quality
• Always meet delivery promises
• Always offer reasonable prices
• Always meet or exceed the customers expectations

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